Walter P. Gillstrom, Phd
Walter P. Gillstrom took office as president and director of South Shore Marine Life Organization (SSMLO) on May 5, 2005.  He has created the Blue Lobster Danger blog to keep the public informed of the devastation being caused by the Atroceruleous Homarus, more commonly known as the Blue Lobster.

As an oceanographic leader with a background in carcinology, the study of crustaceans, Gillstrom has used his unique position to underscore the importance in raising the public’s awareness to the Atrocceruleous Homarus.  Since taking the helm at SSMLO Gillstrom has delivered Congressional testimony and presentations at scientific conferences such as the American Society of Marine Biologists, the International Arthropod Symposium, the American Crustacea Union, and the Partnership for Observation of the Atlantic Ocean.

Gillstom has extensive experience as a leader within scientific institutions.  He came to SSMLO from the University of Southern Charlestown, where he was a member of the faculty since 1984, and where he served in interim positions as vice chancellor for research and dean of the graduate school, as well as provost and executive vice chancellor for academic affairs.  From 1994-2004, he served as director of the Woods Hole Aquatic Museum. There, he facilitated new interdisciplinary research efforts towards the Blue Lobster spanning the geosciences while bringing them together with social and biological sciences.

Gillstrom’s research includes studies of Blue Lobster migration, reproduction in captivity, feeding patterns, and the development of new sonar techniques and instruments for tracking the deadly beasts. 

Gillstrom earned a bachelor’s degree in communications in 1978, a master’s in marine biology in 1980, and a doctorate in aquatic science from the University of Southern Charlestown (USC).

“I have dedicated my life to the sea and the importance of understanding the disastrous effect the Atroceruleous Homarus will have on the Atlantic’s ecosystem if not eradicated.  For nearly a decade I’ve worked as director at SSMLO and the growing number of attacks on fishermen, lobstermen, and young children reported by the press is in the thousands and rising.  They’re destroying steel traps!  They are one of the most dangerous species, attacking in swarms similar to that of the Africanized Killer Bee… they’re moving up the coast towards Boston and it’s getting out of control!”
– Walter P. Gillstrom, Phd


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  1. 1 Dave June 8, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    For someone with a PHD, you sure don’t have much of a web presence…

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