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Finally some action taken


A few days ago I returned to the site of the previous incident (where a dog was attacked and consumed in the surf). I arrived on the scene to find it was quarantined by a series of not only beach closed signs but also a testament to my own research… blue lobster warning signs!

Finally I feel like some headway is being made in my campaign to alert people of this treacherous epidemic.

Classic Blue Lobster activity

This home video was shot at Marshfield beach, thirty miles from the city of Boston. The waters are not safe!

Some friends of mine contacted me with a video with an unforgiving result. They were filming a skate video down by the wharf when a fisherman in the background suddenly is forcefully pulled into the icy ocean waters…

Atroceruleous Homarus.

Blue Lobster Lesson 2


Blue Lobsters travel in swarms of up to hundreds, relating to that of bees or mosquitos.  They normally travel along the ocean floor and shores on their walking legs but in the heat of an attack or when making a quick move, they have the ability to contract their tails forcefully and scoot backwards at incredible speeds.  Their tales are very strong weapons.  Along the back are small and large spikes, some as fine as needles.  Where humans only have a few facets, each with a retina capable of creating an image, creating vision.  Blue Lobsters on the other side of the spectrum have each eye, set on a movable stalk, which has up to 10,000 facets that operate like many tiny eyes, allowing them to see motion in even the dimmest of light.  During the day, they use their incredible long antennae to search out the scents of their prey.  Their walking feet and entire exoskeleton are lined with tiny bristle like hairs that work like the taste buds on the human tongue.  They pace along the floors “tasting with their feet”.

Walter P. Gillstrom

June 2009
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