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Science received a blow today!

Once I had obtained this video, I realized that my world had collided with a force I can only describe as madness. Over the past week I have been contacted from people all over the country. It appeared they were concerned about the presence of Blue Lobsters (atroceruleous homarus). Only thing was their Blue Lobsters don’t have viscous claws and razor sharp tails! In fact, they don’t live in water at all!

I will continue my research on the dangerous Blue Lobster. Undaunted, my research will continue.

Unfortunately, the Mayor has released me of my duties as his Chief Advisor. I suspect his concerns will now turn to the fervor surrounding a much greater danger, a sneaker that has somehow blinded our attention from the creature I know lies beneath the surface of our waters.

I will be back… with evidence in hand, I will show you the true meaning of the word “dangerous”!

Dr. Walter P. Gillstrom


Pulled data off the disc… uploading now

This is outside my expectations.

Just popped in the disc!

I’m desperately trying to extract data off this disc. I’m working off my friend’s Commodore 64 and it’s killing me!


They won’t let me inside. I’ve been handed a disc.

Captured Blue Lobster

I’m outside of a laboratory in Cambridge, MA. They won’t let me inside… something’s amiss. Stay tuned!

Yesterday’s Meeting

The city is in a panic as local economies continue to suffer due to reports of unsafe beaches. Of course these reports are directly related to blue lobster attacks. For this reason the mayor has appointed me his chief advisor to deal with this issue.  


I’ve received news this morning that there has been an alleged capture of an aggressive blue lobster. I’m on my way now to the scene to confirm. I’m bringing my laptop and will post pictures as they become available!


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