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Blue Lobster Lesson 1.

Blue Claw Lesson

Blue Lobsters differ from normal (the widely distributed) American Lobsters (also referred as Homarus Americanus) which inhabit the coastal waters from Canada to the Carolinas. The Blue Lobsters are so dangerous that they are beginning to evolve into deadly creatures. Their muscle fibers are quite complex multibranched structures. Typically speaking- the “normal” lobsters have one dominate claw – defined by reflex activity generating mechanoreceptive and primary proprioceptive imput that presumable lateralizes claw ganglion – resulting in a “crusher claw” and a “cutter” claw. Blue Lobsters are so strong and intense that their muscle fibers have allowed them to develop ambidextrous claws.

Walter P. Gillstrom


A story from Walter P.

The other day I was strolling along the Beaches in Revere, searching for a sign. I was thinking about how to ask for your help. Help in destroying these fearless creatures when I heard this scream that traveled through the ocean air and caused the hair on my back to rise. A young girl came running over to me in a frenzy. I could barely understand her from the cries and heavy breathing from the sprint over to me.

“My boyfriend and I were swimming, when he said he got bit by something! HELP!”

She relayed to me that he saw a dark blue reflection crawling away on the ocean floor.

I stopped her right there. I knew exactly what it was.

Atroceruleous Homarus.

Day 2, healing

Day 2, healing

Warning Signs

Warning Signs

as summer approaches, fears intensify

Gentlemen and gentle ladies,
The summer months are approaching and it is my personal duty to warn all you bloggers about the dangers of the Blue Lobsters that are calling our New England coastlines home! THEY ARE DANGEROUS and strike at any moment with unforgiving results. I have dedicated my entire life to working as an oceanographer and these blue hued crustaceans should be better understood and feard for. They are, as we speak, migrating up the eastern coast of North America. WE NEED TO STOP THEM BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. Our children, pets, even our loved senior citizens who just want to enjoy a dip in the cool ocean waters to escape the humid summer days, are in danger from the wrath of these ocean floor crawling creatures. Lets all team up and protect our families, homes, and take immediate action!
This is a warning!

-Walter P. Gillstrom

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